Act! Premium v25.1 Released

Oct 2, 2023 | General

Insights into What’s New in Act! v25.1

The evolution of Act! continues in v25.1 which builds out its small business CRM tool set with dynamic pipeline management, powerful new marketing automation capabilities and many subscriber-exclusive enhancements. All these capabilities allow your organization to take its sales and marketing to new heights.

Missed the v25.0 announcement? View new features released in v25.0 here.

Here at AspenTech, we often advise a bit of caution when moving to the latest and greatest versions as there often can be minor issues that need to be worked out.  With any version release, it is important for you to monitor if new patches/updates are released. Check for v25 updates here.


Act! Premium for Desktop

Building upon the foundation set with Act! Premium Desktop v25, Act! Premium Desktop v25.1 boosts business effectiveness even further with more tools to enhance security, gain richer insights, improve communication, and refine overall usability. Notable additions include Multi-Factor Authentication (MFA) to help comply with data protection and privacy regulations, Custom Tables charting & reporting to turn raw Custom Tables data into actionable insight, Custom Tables mid-subscription trial availability, and visual enhancements, including the Act! Companion mobile app, to improve user experience.

Multi-Factor Authentication

Act! Premium Desktop v25.1 includes the option to use Multi-Factor Authentication (MFA), which provides an additional layer of security to prevent unauthorized account access and help Act! Customers comply with data protection and privacy regulations. Users will enter a unique numerical code sent via text message, in addition to their username and password, when logging into Act!.

Act! Custom Tables Charting & Reporting

Gain richer insights into your Custom Tables data with new charting and reporting tools. Charting gives you the ability to visualize and analyze data in graph or KPI format. Graph types include column, line, pie, and more. KPIs allow you to see your data in pivot table-like detail. Use the report designer to create custom reports for data contained within Custom Tables.

Important note: This feature only applies to those using Act! Custom Tables purchased as part of your subscription or those using Tables4Act. These updates do not apply to those using Topline Designer or Keystroke Designer for custom tables. We recommend buying Keystroke Dash for reporting on Designer data.

Act! Custom Tables Mid-Subscription Trial

Curious about the Act! Custom Tables mentioned above? You can now trial this feature any time. Act! Premium users are now able to trial Custom Tables for 14-days, mid-subscription, by selecting “Start Trial” from the Custom Tables menu.

Trial notes: A demo “Mortgage” table will be included. New customer data can be entered. At the end of the 14-day trial period, Custom Table functionality is disabled and disappears from menu. Data will persist and be available if the customer decides to purchase at a later date.

RTF/HTML Viewer Enhancements

Act! v25.1 addresses a display issue related to viewing grid data after upgrading. Now, when viewing grid data in tabs such as History or Notes, text will display accurately in either HTML or RTF format for easier reading.

MS Outlook Plugin Enhancement

Act! implemented infinite scroll on the address book picker, removing the pagination and making it a more modern experience.

Miscellaneous Updates and Fixes

  • Resolved various bugs when editing tasks in Act! Scheduler.
  • Fixed bug for uploading an attachment to a Contact’s history record.

Act! Premium for Web Updates

Advanced Dashboard Builder

This feature is now available for Act! Premium Web. It was previously only available for Desktop. Create custom analytics dashboards to visualize more of your data, gain meaningful insights, and react quickly to changing business conditions.

SMS4Act! Integrated Text Messaging

This feature is now available for Act! Premium Web. It was previously only available for Desktop. Extend your reach and stay top of mind with SMS4Act!. This allows users to send ad-hoc text messages without a full-fledged marketing campaign. Text messages can be sent for virtually any occasion, personalized, and saved as templates for future use.

Improvement for Web Popup Windows

In short, Act! changed the methodology they use for pop-up windows when using Act! for Web. They are now using “Modal Conversations.” To improve user experience, popups were replaced with modals to make workflows more streamlined and efficient.

Custom Table Enhancements & Fixes

This applies to Act! Premium Web for those using Act! Custom Tables. Act! fixed many bugs which presented themselves when using the product online as opposed to a Desktop.

  • Currency fields not showing currency symbol when merging
  • Currency fields not accepting a “0” value on web
  • Currency fields not exporting to Excel correctly
  • Currency and decimal fields not displaying more than two decimal places in list view, even when field properties allow extra decimal places
  • Calculated fields not displaying correctly on web
  • Fixed issue importing schema layouts and more!

Act! Companion Updates

Act! Companion is Act!’s native mobile app. Update to version v3.0.7 to allow advanced Act! Insights features to be seen in the mobile app as well. The Act! Insights enhancements were rolled out in v25.0. This update also includes various other usability enhancements users have requested.


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