Act! Marketing Automation (AMA) Updates

Jun 24, 2019 | General

Act! Marketing Automation (AMA) Updates

For the current (and interested) Act! Marketing Automation users, a new round of feature enhancements just were released.  And there’s no updates necessary – just log into AMA! 

So what’s new?

  1. 170+ New Email Templates

  2. New workflow for template selection

  3. Redesigned image library to better organize your images

  4. Improved list view for your campaigns – less scrolling!

What do I need to do to start using these?

Nothing!  AMA is updated in real-time.  Just login to your AMA account inside Act! Make a new campaign and choose from all the new options.  You do not need to update your Act! CRM to get access to these new features in AMA.

Unfamiliar with AMA?

Act! Marketing Automation is a new, advanced email marketing and workflow automation tool offered inside Act!  To learn more about AMA, click here.  This product is bundled with your core Act! CRM database in an Act! Growth Suite subscription.  To see feature options and pricing for Growth Suite, click here.

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