ACT! like you have a Porsche

Oct 11, 2009 | General

This weekend I picked up a magazine (yes, I still read ink) and came across a great quote. “Most CRM users have the equivalent of a Porsche. They’re driving it like my grandmother would.” This is so true. We deal primarily with Act! in our consulting practice. The majority of our clients started using Act! before they came to us and this year, we’ve helped many with their Act! “driving skills.”

In 2009 companies awoke to the fact that they have been underutilizing Act!  At some time in the past they made the investment in the software but that is where their effort stopped.  Here’s a little of what we’ve heard:

– Act! is little more than a Rolodex.

– No, we haven’t customized the database.  That’s what notes are for.

– No, nobody has any training in Act!, we just installed it and let everyone figure it out.

– It’s only available when we’re in the office and sales spends most of their time in the field.

– The sales team doesn’t want to enter information twice, if they did that they would never sell a thing.


The list goes on, but the point is they have a Porsche and they’ve been driving it like their grandmother would.  To take advantage of this Porsche they have to balance the three sides of any solid Act! contact management, or CRM solution:  Select the right software, design and implement the pieces so it meets the need of the organization and then train, train and train the users.  Only when you put those three components together in a balanced solution, will you have a contact management system that supports the sales and marketing goals of the organization and returns a solid ROI!

When we talk with our clients about their specific challenges, they are astonished at how a well designed Act! system will meet their needs. Did you know that Act! has the capability to optimize prospect research, lead generation and nurturing, sales team collaboration and pipeline management?  When you leverage those capabilities to solve efficiency and effectiveness challenges of your sales team, you are creating a competitive advantage over the competition.

So, stop driving your Porsche like your grandmother.  Instead get a remedial course in driving school.  Sit down with a certified professional who knows your CRM tool, whether it’s Act! or not. Share your challenges and ask them to show you how to optimize the use of what you already have or enhance your system with innovative add-ons that turbo charge your system’s usage and effectiveness – and with it, your 2009 sales performance.