Act! Launches Version 16.1 CRM Software

Jun 19, 2014 | General

AspenTech Consulting Group is excited to announce the release of Act! v16.1.

ACT! v16.1 A Service Pack and Feature Pack rolled into one, Act! v16.1 not only enhances existing products, it offers new features and exclusive benefits for all our clients. While our current Business Care subscribers receive exclusive discounts, every Act! v16.x user gets to download this release.

The biggest benefit to our clients from the launch of Act! v16.1 is access to Act! emarketing. It’s an integrated Act! marketplace that offers contacts, Intelligent Call Lists, and the ability to upload and host images that you can use to personalize your targeted emails. Because it’s a part of Act!, you can use the Contacts, Groups, and Lists you already manage in Act!

Act! Email Marketing Integration

Our Certified Act! experts are ready to help you determine what you need to optimize your emarketing needs. Act! makes it easy to set up and deliver targeted emails that your customers will notice. Act! emarketing offers dynamic data integration and arresting images, making your email broadcasts stand out. Act! offers over 100 customizable templates, including many that are mobile-friendly, and, a drag-and-drop template editor gives you the ability to create the exact presentation you’re looking for. We’re happy to work with you to find the right options for your campaigns.

Sending your targeted emails is only one part of emarketing. Act! emarketing gives you the opportunity to see what works and what doesn’t. You can check open rates, clicks, bounces, and opt-outs from each email to help you hone your message. The results from each communication are recorded in Act! so you can focus on the right people each time.

You Shared and Act! Listened

At AspenTech, we want our clients to be happy. In addition to offering subscriptions to Act! emarketing, Act! v16.1 addresses issues that users have brought to the attention of Act!. It improves user preferences and updates navigation bar issues. Act! has also addressed import/export formatting issues, to stay focused and current with technology trends. Managing client lists and creating the right campaign for the right prospect is easier when you use Act! v16.1.

Act! is offering a 60-day free trial!  Contact us to find out how to access your Act! emarketing subscription. We’ll walk you through the simple step-by-step access and get you on your way to customer and client management fast.

Attention Bronze, Silver, and Gold Level Act! Subscribers

When you’re ready to subscribe, we’re ready to offer you more.  Bronze, Silver, and Gold Business Care subscribers also get discounted rates on Act! emarketing subscriptions. Subscribers can choose a free Basic AEM (Act! EMarketing) subscription or a monthly discount on a Pro AEM subscription to meet their emarketing needs.

Act! v16.1 is available through AspenTech Consulting Group via download from the v16.x platform. Contact us and we’ll help you with the initial integration so you can be on your way to contacting the hottest leads.  You can download the following Act! CRM software platforms below:

Act! Pro here
Act! Premium here

We encourage you to check back soon on our CRM blog as we will be provided updates, insights, and case studies as to the applications and uses for Act! emarketing.

If your organization needs assistance with designing a CRM system, or, Act! CRM training we encourage you to contact the Certified Act! Trainers and Consultants at AspenTech Consulting Group.

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