ACT! 2010 SP1 – Hotfix 2

Jun 30, 2010 | General

Hotfix 2 was recently released for Act! 2010 SP1.  This applies to Act! by Sage 2010 SP1, Act! Premium 2010 SP1, and Act! Premium for Web 2010 SP1.  There are a few key items fixed with this update:


New in Hot Fix 2

Area Description What the Fix Does
Contacts In Act! Premium for Web, heavily formatted notes cause script errors when creating new notes on the same contact. Enables new notes to be added to a contact without generating script errors.
Microsoft® Outlook Processing unhandled e-mail messages out of queue causes performance issues. Enables the Outlook service to stop trying to attach the e-mail after 10 failed attempts.
Microsoft Word Act! Premium for Web users are unable to create new letter or e-mail templates from the Web Client when using Microsoft Word 20032007. Enables users to create new letter or e-mail templates from the Web Client when using Microsoft Word 20032007.
Opportunities Product Name field is not an available option when customizing columns in the Opportunity list. Adds the Product Name field as a customization option.

Additionally, if you have not applied Act! 2010 SP1 Hotfix 1, the Hotfix 2 update also includes these items:

Fixed in Hot Fix 1

Area Description What the Fix Does
Database  Schema Act! users who share a  database with others and  upgrade to Act! 2010 SP1 before the server is upgraded  see error messages. Replaces the error  message with one that  prompts to install Act! 2010 SP1 on the server.
Web Info Tab Several Web Info tab links  become non-functional after  upgrading to Act! 2010 SP1. Enables the Web Info tab  links.
Performance Users who have multiple or  heavily-formatted notes notice  a decrease in performance and/or Act! stops responding  for several minutes. Improves performance.
Documents tab Users are unable to add folders to the Documents tab after adding shortcuts to the folder. Enables opening linked  folders from the  Documents tab.
Drop-down lists After upgrading to Act! 2010  SP1, users are unable to save  items to drop-down lists. Enables the drop-down  list to accept edits.

For more information on this hotfix and how to apply it, check out