ACT! 2010’s Redesigned Opportunities Save You Time

Sep 23, 2009 | General

FULLY CUSTOMIZABLE OPPORTUNITIES!!!  Why am I so excited about this?  Fully customizable opportunities have been one thing our clients have been asking for for years and Sage really delivers in Act! 2010.  Managing your leads and your sales pipeline is now much easier.  With the new Act! 2010 opportunities, you can:

  • Add an unlimited number of custom fields to the opportunity layout.
  • Customize the opportunity layout just like you can the contacts layout.
  • Associate notes, histories, activities, and documents to an opportunity.
  • Customize the products/services grid.


In case you’re just tuning in, here’s the countdown:

#10 – Big “Easy” Buttons

#9 – Quick Search

#8 – Related Tasks

#7 – iCal Invites

#6 – New Dashboards

#5 – New Reports/View

#4 – Web Info Tab

#3 – Marketing Results/eMarketing

#2 – Welcome Page