Achieve Greater Efficiency with Zoho and Act! CRM

Sep 19, 2014 | General

Efficiency with CRM Systems

Streamlining your business and sales processes is of utmost importance in order to increase your overall productivity. Act! CRM Systems and Zoho CRM systems help to support this process by providing all of your relevant information, readily accessible in one place.

Centralized Information Equals Greater Efficiency

Whether you are in need of specific contact information from Microsoft Outlook, past purchasing history from accounting, or marketing information from your ERP system, the members of your entire organization can access what they need, when they need it, in one centralized location with a properly designed CRM system. Utilizing this type of customer data system helps to eliminate duplicate entries and offers greater overall efficiency for everyone involved in touching your customers.

Timing is Everything

No business professional wants to waste their time or the time of their customers. Having the ability to offer products, services, and opportunities to customers when it matters most to them can become a very competitive advantage. CRM systems such as Act! and Zoho give you this precise ability. One additional advantage to having the right CRM system in place is that it allows you to identify potential clients quickly, when the timing is right. You can approach a potential customer with the products and services they need, without either side muddling though irrelevant information. When your initial contact is thoughtfully directed, a potential client may rapidly become a satisfied customer.

CRM Database Advantages

Rather than waste time trying to collate all the information you need about your clients across different forums – Excel Spreadsheets, Access Databases, Outlook – the right CRM system can and will organize that information for you. You’ll be able to organize and segment the information you need quickly to create graphs, charts, and reports that display the information you need – when you need it.

Because Customer Relationship Management systems such as Act! and Zoho CRM can be accessed by everyone whom you deem necessary, your entire business will operate more smoothly. Each CRM application offers on-the-go access, too, which means that the latest information is available to your sales people in the field on their mobile devices and smartphones. Sales professionals can avoid costly missteps by having the latest contact information and history of a client at their fingertips.

Keeping your sales staff and employees informed of what they need when they need it means that your employees will be more effective. They’ll offer your clients the products, services, support when it matters most.

The expert Zoho and Act! CRM Consultants at AspenTech Consulting Group can help your organization become more efficient through a properly configured CRM system.

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