5 Challenges “Solopreneurs” Face and How Zoho Campaigns Can Help

Apr 5, 2019 | General

5 Challenges “Solopreneurs” Face and How Zoho Campaigns Can Help

If you’re a solo entrepreneur or “solopreneur”, like so many of our clients, you face challenges when it comes to wearing all the hats a small business owner must wear. You’re a sales person managing the day-day administrative tasks while ensuring that you’re marketing to your clients and prospects. Marketing tasks can be some of the most daunting business aspects solopreneurs must face. Here’s how Zoho Campaigns can help you manage 5 of the most common challenges solopreneurs encounter:

Time Management

Time is money. Everyone knows that, but even more-so this is true for the solopreneur. Which is why Zoho Campaigns offers predesigned email templates and a drag-and-drop, user-friendly template editor to allow you to create attractive, engaging email templates to send to your contacts.

Making That Personal Connection with Your Clients

Sales people know that, at the end of the day, bonding and rapport with prospects can go a long way toward winning business. But how do you ensure that your email campaigns don’t have a “one size fits all” approach? With the Dynamic Content feature in Zoho Campaigns you can make sure that your contacts are getting the most relevant content delivered to them. This allows you to personalize emails while only creating one email for all your contacts.

Managing Social Media

Zoho Campaigns allows you to post special promotions, contests and deals you’re offering on your Facebook, LinkedIn and Twitter accounts – all in one platform. And with Zoho Social you can take managing your social media to whole new level with one common dashboard for posting and managing your SM content.

Reaching Out to New Customers

With sign-up form options in your emails, you can easily add new subscribers to your mailing lists. Forms can be easily added to your website, blog and social media platforms. When visitors like your content they can choose to sign up with you to receive regular emails.

Following Up with Customers and Prospects

Following up with your contacts has never been easier with Autoresponders that allow you to set automated messages that go out depending on how your contacts interact with your campaigns. This helps you put that personal touch on your outreach, without having to send out birthday wishes, welcome emails and other touch-ins manually.

Find out more about how Zoho Campaigns can help you manage your business more efficiently without losing those personal touches. Contact AspenTech CRM for more assistance with your email marketing or training.

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